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We offer fast and reliable emergency locksmith service, wherever and whenever you may need us, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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    Whether it concerns your home, business, or vehicle, security is and must be of high priority to you. This makes knowing and having a trustworthy locksmith saved in your contacts vital. At Beantown Locksmith our technicians are trained, bonded and experienced. We focus on keeping your satisfaction and safety as our first priority while offering you the highest quality of service possible for competitive rates.

    Emergency Locksmith in Walpole

    We offer fast and reliable emergency locksmith service, wherever and whenever you may need us, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    Residential Locksmith in Walpole

    We provide your home with all the necessary locking mechanisms, using modern tools and techniques, to help you feel safe and keep your property secure.

    Commercial Locksmith in Walpole

    Run your business with peace of mind, knowing we will protect your business using the most advanced locking mechanisms and techniques.

    Automotive Locksmith in Walpole

    We provide higher standard locksmith solutions for all automotive locking needs. We deal with different locking systems and car types, with no damage to your vehicle, guaranteed.

    Frequently Asked

    At Beantown Locksmith we’re at your disposal year-round, any time or day of the week. One of our locksmith technicians can be on site within minutes to assist you at all times.

    We offer a full range of locksmith services including automotive services. Whether you need your car or trunked unlocked, a new set of keys or lock maintenance, give us a call!

    Our locksmith technicians have plenty of experience in solving a multitude of lock related issues. After properly assessing your situation, our locksmiths can tackle the task at hand diligently, efficiently and without damage whether you need a locking mechanism installed or repaired.

    Each door usually uses a distinct locking mechanism depending on its function, it’s reasonable to think entry doors require more security than interior ones, for example deadbolt door locks are often used on entry doors in contrast to push button lockset which is more geared towards privacy and would be used on a bathroom door for example. There are several factors to take into account most notably safety, security, style and cost, security being primordial.

    A lock’s security is designated by its American National Standards Institute grade or ANSI with grade three being the least secure and grade one the most. Grade one deadbolts are usually utilized for commercial use or where extremely tough locks are needed as they are the most secure locks available, tested to withstand one million opening and closing cycles and ten strikes of seventy-five pounds of force. In contrast, grade two locks are usually used on residential doors and are therefore more geared for homes, tested to withstand eight hundred thousand opening and closing cycles and five strikes of seventy-five pounds force. Finally, grade three locks are typically used as a secondary security measure on a door and can withstand eight hundred thousand opening and closing cycles and two strikes of seventy-five pounds of force.

    To conclude what grade door lock you will need will depend on not only your security needs but the function of the door as well. Our locksmith technicians can advise and recommend the best option for your needs and budget as well as take care of the installation process.

    Beantown Locksmith operates within the Walpole, Norwood, Canton and surrounding areas. In need of help? Give us a call, one of our technicians will be right there.

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    Servicing Walpole, Norwood and surrounding areas Beantown Locksmith decided to bring to the security market what it was missing, high-quality locksmith services for affordable rates. Mending the gap in the market between quality and price we are the best in the business. Whether for your home, office vehicle or in case of an emergency help is just a call away. Mounting, repairing, changing locks, cutting keys or opening highly secure locking mechanisms our locksmith technicians can do it all combining skill, experience and dependability beautifully.